Wedding Events Rolling Shows

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Wedding Events – Our Rolling, Cigars, Gifts, & Amenities

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Your friends and family are all here to share the most important day of your life! Fumar Cigars has been doing special wedding programs for over 20 years.  Most weddings feature most of the function/entertainment/appeal aimed at the ladies, bride and girls. Over the last decade there has been an explosion of the thought “What can we do to impress and excite the MEN!?” Our cigar lounges for the reception are the memory maker you are looking for to WOW the guys and put some real life in the party.  Our station is interactive, the cigars are terrific and we do this as a custom, one of a kind program for you. With NO extra charge, we can make a custom commemorative band to celebrate the wedding for EACH cigar!  Either using your crest or one of our artwork packages, we can add your names and date of marriage to the band.  Just tell us the colors you are featuring and we do the rest! Grooms gifts from our amenities packages are always a winner as well, maybe something special for the bride or groom’s dad? We also have memory makers in our rare and hard to find collection of Prohibition Whisky and antique cigar collections. Lastly, if you are hosting a Bachelors or Bachelorettes party, our PRIVATE prohibition lounge is JUST the perfect place.  We have no rules and you can rent the place for a lot less than going out and doing whatever in a PUBLIC place….no cameras except yours!  We can assure you, this is less expensive, and less likely to end up on social media!!

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